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Virgo Rising Sign

Ascendant is very different than your sun sign or moon sign. Ascendants or rising signs set the entire map of your life. Ascendant is the first house of your birth chart and each house is controlling different area of your life like your personality, wealth, speech, neighbors, education, enemy, debt, marriage, travel, fame, business or job etc. Its totally depend upon how planets are placed in your birth chart, results may be different. Virgo is an earthy sign and dual in nature. It rules south direction. It is strong in daytime.

These people are very calculative about their body. They are self-critical sometimes. They are very analytical because of 1st house rules by mercury. 2nd house us ruled by Libra so they always try to maintain the balance of beauty in their home life. Due to karmic backlogs, they always run into hardships in their family life. These people very deeply involved with their siblings and neighbors. 3rd house ruled by mars so either their relationship with a sibling is quite deep or violent. It’s totally depending upon the placement of mars. These people can become a very good writer too. Their mother usually a very philosophical or religious and friendly in nature. Education, creativity, children or fun is like a duty for Virgo people. Due to this kind of attitude makes them feel tired. These people want an intelligent partner like they must be academically good. The partner is little wired than normal people for Virgo ascendant. This is because it rules by Jupiter. However, the family of a spouse is quite religious. Virgo people are very headstrong towards their joint assets. Their religious views are very strong due to the earthy sign tarus in 9th house. They can be good teachers or salesman because 10th house ruled by mercury. They are close to their friends more than their family because the moon is controlling the house of friends. Their mother is also very friendly to them. Their ego dominates their spiritual life as the sun is controlling the 5th house.

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Leo Rising Sign

Rising sign is the sign, that was rising from the east when you were born. That rising sign becomes your ascendant. The planetary position decides how good or bad this situation is. It’s a fixed, fire sign which rules east direction.

Leo people are very proud and confident people. They know without putting too many efforts, they will achieve whatever they want. Their presence makes you feel that they are dominant. They are very quiet people. They never talk too much. They only talk when they provoked or taking is required for them. They are very calculative people when it comes to their wealth and family. Like they set in their mind how much money should be expended or how much money should be saved and how to behave with father or how to behave with siblings. It’s very calculative things which happen because of Virgo rules their second house. Their communication is very dynamic and balanced to the people around them because of Libra rules their 3rd house. How good or bad it is, its depend upon the position of Venus. They are very protective people for their home. They are very deeply connected to their house and mother due to scorpion energy in the 4th house. How good or bad it is, its depend upon mars and moon because mars are owner and moon is significator. They raise their children with philosophical wisdom because Jupiter rules the 5th house. Their creativity is also philosophical. If Jupiter is well placed then these people are very good at education. These people face a tremendous amount of opposition in their life it’s because of Saturn. Saturn rules the 6th house which is enemy to the sun. The marriage relationship is like a business relationship. These people can become a good astrologer, tantrik into the occult because Jupiter rules the 8th house. Their higher learning and the religious view is very determined. They love the career which exposes them to the outer world. Their social network is very communicative. They need to use communication in order to make money. Sometimes these people feel very spiritual and sometimes not.


Cancer Rising Sign

Ascendant or rising sign sets the entire map of your life. It tells about your personality. Each house in your birth chart represents the different areas of your life like you, your family, your sibling, your home environment, your work life, your debt and enemies, your spouse and his family, your religion, education and career or friends anything can be seen by your birth chart. How good or bad your life is that depends upon planet placement in your birth chart. This is a watery and movable sign. This rules north direction.

Cancer ascendant people usually born in entertainment, political and medical, family. These people are very sensitive and very protective to their loved one and environment. The cancer Ian energy brings originally the energy of the home. Their family is everything to them. They are usually talking about their father because the 2nd house ruled by the sun. Their relationship with siblings and neighbors is always calculative kind of relationship. They always calculate how much affection they are receiving from these people. They always want to make their home beautiful. They always inclined to big home because of Venus energy in the 4rth house. Their mother has a huge influence on their life. These people are very protective of their children. When it comes to children, they get jealous too when someone tries to tell them how to raise the children. Usually, these people do not have enemies. If there is an enemy then they tend to make benefit from them. This is because Jupiter is ruling the 6th house. Their marriage is going to delay due to Saturn. These people usually married to the person who is older than them. They usually live a very long life. Their adaption quality is very good and they are very religious towards the philosophy of life. Mars rules the house of career and 5th house, that’s why they become successful in the entertainment industry, surgical field. Their friendship and gains are very important to them. If Venus is well placed then they have a lot more female friend than male. Wealth starts coming after the mid-30s. It’s hard to slow down and sit up one place and do meditation for cancer ascendant people.


Gemini Rising Sign

Rising signs set an entire map of your entire life like what kind of a family you have, what kind of education, children, marriage, the career you will have? But How It’s going to be? good or bad; that depends upon how planets are placed in your birth chart. Rising signs set the basic foundation of life. It tells what’s your life map. It means the moment you were born; at that particular time and day, the east side was from the sun rises; had that side the Gemini constellation sign which becomes your ascendant or rising sign. This is based upon Vedic calculations. Gemini is an airy sign. It is dual sign energy and strongest at night time. It represents arms, chest, and shoulder in the body.

These are the people who start many different things at the same time and want to succeed in all at that time. The best example of Gemini Rising is Mr. Donald Trump, current President of the United States. They have the Gemini ascendant energy. Gemini represents communication and intelligence. This is ruled by mercury. Their family wealth goes up and down because of the second house of family wealth rules by the moon. Their mother usually accumulates a lot of wealth. These people communication skills are very good, very bold because the sun is ruling the 3rd house of communication. They are very calculative when they spend their money. If they are buying anything for their home they always tend to do lots of calculation in their mind like how much I have and what if I spend this amount and what will be reaming in my hand etc. Sometimes it looks annoying to others at home. Their children are very balancing. These people want to make their children allrounder. This is because of Libra energy in the 5th house. These people deal with lots of enemies in their life. They face lots of oppositions and lots of debt in their life because the 6th house of debt and enemies ruled by Mars which is enemy of the ascendant ruler Mercury. Their marriage is not very good as it ruled by Jupiter which is again not in good relationship with the mercury. Gemini people are very talkative but they get a partner who is very philosophical in his approach and idealistic. Their partner always tries to infuse their beliefs in the Gemini people and that thing Gemini people never like because these people are very independent kind of nature. These people live a very long life as Saturn the slow moving planet ruling the 8th house. Their higher education and religious views are very philosophical and broader. They never stick to a single thing. These people are very diplomatic in their career. They communicate some sort of wisdom those who are needy. Their social network, friend circle becomes very important for them because it rules by Mars which is the God of energy. They gain through the enemy. These people meet their enemy very friendly and when their enemy tells them about their plans then they start making the strategy to defeat them. These people are very much visionary. They always look for better life visions in their mind.

Ascendant, Astrology

Taurus Rising Sign

Rising sign sets the map of your entire life, how it’s going to be, what kind of situations you are going to face in your life. In Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses and each one is controlling a certain aspect of your life like your personality, your family, education, children, travel, or career ;that is always set, depending upon how your planets are placed good or bad in your birth chart but basic foundation of a certain ascendant is always similar. This is a fixed sign and rules south direction. Taurus sign is an earth sign. Its temperament is windy. It represents your face and neck in kalpurush kundali. It becomes more strong at night time. It ruled by Venus.

Taurus people are very balanced people because it’s an earth sign. These people are very stable and loyal too. Sometimes they are lazy or fickle minded. However, they always tend to think and take action about making money. They always make sure that security is there or not. They always make sure that they have enough money or not for them and their family. Their approach is very practical towards life. When it comes to family, they feel frustrated. Because of 2nd house rules by Gemini, the dual energy. Family changes decisions frequently but these folks want to stick on their decisions. Canceling the first decision by family and switching to another one, make them frustrated. Situations get worst if their mercury is badly placed too. Because of the 2nd house also about wealth, so their finances go ups and downs many times. 3rd house of communication rules by the moon. Ther relationship with siblings is calm and good. Sun rules the 4rth house of mother. So these people end up becoming the in charge of the family, no matter its male or female. Decision making ends up with this tarus ascendant. Their kids are very intelligent. These people become very structured parents. But they are so much busy in their work, that’s why kids feel neglected in life. Their life partner is very emotional because 7th house is ruled by Mars’ scorpion energy. Due to the opposite nature, marriage becomes a compromise. These people always tend to travel a lot for business or work. These people more attached to the father than a mother. They think like their dedication to work is like worship. These people are here to enjoy the luxury of life.