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Ketu is only the body, without the head. He doesn’t have a head with brain and he is just the opposite of Rahu which has head only. Depending upon the house Ketu is in, it will make you either less needy of what that house represents, or will give you less desires to get the things related to that house. Ketu feels like he’s already experienced the things of the house he sits in in your past life. Ketu is the part which you shouldn’t really care about too much as it will manifest itself, without you even thinking about it.

Ketu is receptive energy. All questions what, where,when, how etc related to that house where ketu sits in, comes under Ketu. Like in 2nd house ketu person ask “when I will get this money? When I will become financially sound ? When my family life become good? Etc.” Ketu absorbs the energy,where it sits in birth chart and never give the results. Ketu is very bad in 2nd house (earnings from family), 5th house( wealth through last birth deeds) , 8th house ( wealth after someone’s death or inherited property) and 11th house(all incoming gains and your expectations) of birth chart. These houses are related to wealth and when ketu sits in these house person always struggling related to these house and always puzzle about these house when I will get ? How I will get but you will never get.

Whatever good and bad deeds you have done in past life,stored in 5th house of your birth chart. When ketu sits in 5th house and any person in your life is with you from so many years and still no familiarness is feel due to dry nature of ketu. You know that person since past birth and this birth he is with you still no closeness no attachment you feel with them. That person will never familiar with his child in his entire life. Real affection is not present in 5th house ketu. If ketu is in 8th house , nobody knows the reason of that person death.

Ketu gives very good results in 3rd,6th,9th and 12th house. As you only get 50% results from these houses. Like 9th house is luck house and whatever you have done in this life, only 50% outcome you receive in this life. Rest 50% is stored for next birth as this house is also considered for next birth. When anyone’s ketu dasha start people find the reason of their birth. If your ascendant lord is sitting with ketu then wherever your ascendant lord dasha or ketu dasha,you will be able to recognize your reason of birth on this earth. If ketu is attached with sun and any dasha come in person’s life either sun dasha or ketu dash,person will meet that person who’s soul is attached with his soul in his last birth.


Ketu in the 1st house

Ketu in 1st house people always do complaint regarding employment, career, children’s school and family life etc. They say like they faces a number of repeated obstacles one by one in these field.. Often they might feel like complaining that life is always a bundle of troubles. Due to this nature their mental energy drain out and also cause physical strain. . Peace of mind is something that they always wanting in life.

Ketu in the 2nd house

Whenever Ketu sits in the second house of wealth,speech and family while Rahu is put in the 8th house of secrets and occult. They do not like these places to be in as both debilitated in these places in kalpurusha kundali when they sits in Tarus and Scorpio sign. Ketu 2nd house gives to a person a tendency which ends up destroying the inherited property and savings of a person. They can also suffer from bad speech or mouth related diseases.

Ketu in the 3rd house

Ketu in the 3rd house, gives excellent money management skills to the person. They do not have to face a lot of hard times when it comes to managing their finances. But in this house ketu gives Minor injuries leading to some health problems for short term and it will be healed properly and quickly.

Direction: South Lunar Node
Colour: Smoky, represents multicolor
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: One and half year
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 18 Years
Nature: Furious
Constellations ruled: Ashwini, Magha, Mool
Friendly planets: Mercury
Enemy planets: Sun & Moon
Neutral planets: Jupiter
Exalted in: Sagittarius
Debilitated in: Tarus and Gemini
Special features: significator Moksha
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 7 years
If well placed signifies: Spiritual attainment
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and jealous nature
Representation: Old people
Diseases given by Ketu: Tension & Restlessness

Ketu in the 4th house

Ketu is a shadow planet and 4th house is originally moon’s house. Ketu is an enemy of moon. Ketu makes a person spiritual in this house. Individuals may be forced to leave their native place. This position of the Ketu shows the loss of wealth and person may be aggressive towards others. It may lead to the succession of property inherited by mother if Ketu receives positive aspects of planets.

Ketu in the 5th house

Ketu causes problems in this house if there is no influence of Jupiter upon Ketu. Ketu gives delay in birth of children. The native may feel problems in continuing love relationships for long time. When Ketu is situated in the 5th house, the person is usually quick learner. This house Ketu gives a feeling of lack of emotional satisfaction, especially in affliction.

Ketu in the 6th house

This is very good position for Ketu. The native will be prosperous and will earn name and fame in his life due to his own hard work. This position creates chances for abroad settlement too. When this position of Ketu is not so favorable, there is a high probability that the maternal uncle of the native will suffer.

Ketu in the 7th House

This is an unfavorable placement for ketu. It creates many problems in health because it aspect the 1st house. When Ketu in 7th house is not receiving any good aspect from any other benific planet, the natives are going to experience harshness of life. They have a negative approach towards everything. It also gives worry in terms of a partner. Though they are very good on the monetary part but their marital life is not so good.

Ketu in the 8th House

Ketu, when alone in the 8th house, would not give any serious illness or disease as an outcome of these tendencies. Ketu in eighth house may affect the health of spouse. Health of mother is also not good . The native may feel alone and he may not get the support of his relatives and friends when he needs them most.The native will be so much interested in occult science and knowledge of black magic. He will also be known for his spiritual trait in the society.

Ketu in the 9th House

Very good position for ketu as ketu is exalted in kalpurush kundali in 9th house but natives will spend a major part of their lives at foreign lands. Native has ability to overcome every hurdles of life as ketu brings positivity in native’s behaviour. This positive attitude towards life will help natives to fight against all odd situations.These natives are likely to possess honesty and respect for other.Natives are likely to visit various pilgrimage as 9th house is the house of spiritual journey.

The node where the moon crosses to the south of the ecliptic is called the South Node, Ketu,the Dragon’s tail.South node represents the habit patterns of past lives. Thus, the time of eclipse is the time to introspect on our life’s purpose and our doings, the right and the wrong.

Ketu in the 10th House

Results of ketu in 10th house depend upon Saturn position in birth chart as 10th house originally ruled by Saturn in kalpurusha kundali. As it is house of career,name and fame so if Saturn is well placed in chart result will be positive and if Saturn is badly placed then there will be high stress & lack of peace in the professional as well as personal life of these natives.

Ketu in the 11th House

Ketu gives lots of courage to the native. These people will never lose hope even in the hardest time. They will struggle hard to come out such situations with faith in hard work. They have the skill to lead any organization successfully. They will enjoy the comforts and luxury of life. He may also face some unwanted situations in his life beyond his control.Most important feature of Ketu, in eleventh house, is courageous nature of the native which is inherent. Such a person will never lose hope even in the hardest time. He will struggle hard to come out such situations with faith in hard work. He will be lucky and will enjoy the comforts and luxury of life. If Ketu or Saturn is malefic in the birth chart, the native has to face some difficult situations in life. He may be trapped in some conspiracy. Native worries a lot for his future and may suffer from stomach diseases.

Ketu in the 12th House

Ketu in the 12th house gives a deep interest in secrets, the unconscious, and anything mysterious. Native may be exceptionally perceptive intuitively or psychically. As Ketu represents detachment from worldly bondage’s, it is also known as the factor responsible for attaining salvation. It gives salvation in 12th house.

Astrology, planets


Rahu is North node of the moon, which only has a head and no body; because the body is the south node of the moon called KETU and that is a major part of the Vedic Astrological system. Rahu loves the worldly riches, and possession of all the material things. Rahu is where our ambitions are, it’s what we constantly think about.

The presence of Rahu in peoples’ horoscope signifies karma bondage coming down from the previous births.It is a general belief that Rahu always troubles the natives. Rahu-Ketu do not possess real physical existence. Those under the influence of Rahu are believed to be full of self-confidence, bravery and fearlessness. Because of its qualities, the influence of Rahu has increased in this Kali Yug. Rahu provides information about the complex subjects and mysteries of world. Rahu is a powerful and malefic planet. This is a favorable planet of the politicians. He gives them great opportunity and power to rise in the politics through any means fair or unfair. He also rules over thieves, jail, magicians, snake, poison and isolated places etc. Rahu has also the power to confer sudden wealth. Only Rahu can give one night fame. It never gives result slowly slowly like other planet. It gives sudden up or sudden downfall.

Direction: North Lunar Node
Colour: Grey, Black
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: One and half year
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 18 Years
Nature: Dirty, Furious and Aggressive
Constellations ruled: Adra, Swati, Shatbhisha
Friendly planets: Mercury, Saturn, Venus
Enemy planets: Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral planets: Jupiter
Exalted in: Virgo
Debilitated in: Scorpio
Special features: Delay
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 18 years
If well placed signifies: Prosperity, wealth, Good position
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and jealous nature
Representation: Scientist Nature People
Diseases given by Rahu: Fever,Snake bite, paranormal activities, Restlessness, less sleep

All five senses of body are signifies by Rahu. As our great Sages says that one should always control on their 5 senses. But people unable to do so because of Rahu position in their birth chart. Ultimately the Rahu is the way between the moon(mind) and earth. Rahu is your subconscious mind. As people always talk in their mind when they have nothing to do like what to do now? How to do? These questions came in mind due to Rahu. Rahu is always with the secrets. It’s also important when you are learning astrology. The more you learn,the more strong Rahu become in your birth chart. Rahu is your thoughts ,your inner voice which came from inside you whenever you ask something from you. Asking questions came under Saturn but answer from inner voice came under Rahu. Rahu is the ultimate higher desire of a person. All technology,cellphone,I.c. etc came under Rahu because you can’t see it how it works but it works. Rahu is ultimate intellectual level of anyone.


Rahu in the 1st house

In the first house Rahu makes one worldly, someone who likes being in front and center of things like the sun. Rahu usually produces a politician in this house, yet completely damages the changes of getting married, or ever being happy in married life.If placed in good sign, Rahu can give wealth unexpectedly.

Rahu in the 2nd house

In the second Rahu gives wealth, but only after the age of 34. Rahu in the 2nd house makes the native fight or argue with his or her family and relative, he or she has a different view on family. In this house Rahu is in his default setting so you can’t do anything. It will automatically give good results.If malefic planet is placed here, the native will not get the favor of his own family members. Unnecessary arguments with relatives and members of family can spoil the sweetness of the relations.Rahu in 2nd house causes problem of earning for the native. He may feel difficulty in finding stable source of income. He may also have to face situations where he has to depend on others for his existence.if Rahu receives positive aspect of benefic planets, the situation will change and Rahu gets strength. Now second house Rahu will bestow wealth, good relations with family members and luxurious life like royal people.

Rahu in the 3rd house

In this house Rahu gives always good results since Rahu loves the whole glamour scene, and being in the media house it becomes worldly. This is also a good house to have a rahu for technical field, and good education, and wealth through business. This person is very clever and deceptive, and that’ show they usually make their money, by cheating so cleverly that no one notices it.Third sign also signifies Gemini Sign which is friendly sign of Rahu and further denotes communication, computer and other technical fields.Such people are very courageous and adopt the path which they have experienced through their own knowledge.

The Devas approached Lord Brahma for help when they are in trouble due to devils, who guided them to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of universe. Lord Vishnu made a plan and suggested Devas to approach devil and ask them for their co operation in churning the mighty ocean to obtain amrita, the nectar of immortality, which Devas and Asuras (devils) can divide among themselves and can become immortal. The Devas approached Asuras who agreed as this task required combined efforts of both Devas and Asuras.

They started churning using Mount Mandara as a rod and the Serpent Vasuki as a rope. Lord Vishnu incarnated as a Tortoise to hold up the mountain on his back. As the churning of the ocean started several things energed as a result, starting with poison Halahala which threatened to destroy all the universe but Lord Shiva kept it in his throat, without swallowing it. Kamadhenu, the wish-fulfilling cow, celestial horse Ucchaishravas, Airavata, the celestial elephant, the Kausthubha gem, the Parijataka (wish-fulfilling tree), Apsaras, the beautiful celestials maids, Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, Varuni, the goddess of liquor appeared one by one. Finally Dhanvantari, the god of medicine, appeared holding the pot of amrita. The Asuras forcefully snatched it, and refused to give it to Devas.

Lord Vishnu then incarnated as Mohini, the enchantress, the most beautiful female form in the universe. Devas knew this plan and controlled themselves but the Asuras were overwhelmed for her and agreed to her decision for distribution of nectar as per her rules. She asked all the Devas and Asuras to sit in a line and started distributing nectar first to Devas. Rahu disguised himself as one of the Devas and sat between the Sun and Moon gods, who recognized him and told Vishnu who was in the form of Mohini. Lord Vishnu severed Rahu’s head with his discus, the sudarshan charka but not before he managed to drink a drop of the nectar and become immortal.

Thus his Head and Body become separate but both become immortal as separate entity due to nectar. The Head is known as Rahu and the headless body is the Ketu. Since then Rahu and Ketu constantly chase Sun and Moon for revenge for they are the cause of separating head and body of the devil Rahu. And when they succeed catching Sun and Moon they swallow them causing Solar or Lunar eclipse but they cant hold them for long and Sun and Moon emerges again intact as they also had nectar and are immortal.

Rahu in the 4th house

This is not a good position for Rahu as it damages the peace in home, and usually this person is more of a party person, and hanging out on a weekend kind of person than staying home, however, they desire to have a peaceful lovely home, which they do get after the age of 32.4th house denotes Cancer Sign in Zodiac whose lord is Moon. Rahu is worst enemy of Moon. Here, Rahu is like a curse for the native. Fourth house denotes mental state of a person.

Rahu in the 5th house

This is a neutral house for Rahu, as it makes a person very creative, gives wealth through investments, but also damages the changes of having children till a very late age, perhaps after 37-42. Rahu in the 5th house also damages the education of the native.There could also be difference of opinion between the parents and children. One or other account, the native has to suffer or face problems due to children.Though Rahu in 5th house is considered neither good nor bad, but it surely makes a person wiser with impressive and pleasing personality. He has a blend of creativity and intelligence as fifth house denotes the same.

Rahu in the 6th house

This is one of the best position for Rahu, as it not only gives victory over enemies, it also gives lots of wealth through litigation, and law. Most people with this position become lawyers.The person is courageous and is not afraid of anyone. He is quite able to defeat his opponents and enemies. He faces every situation boldly.If he has his own business, employees will always assist him.
He is prone to accidents and injuries.

Rahu in the 7th house

This is not a very good placement for rahu in terms of married life or partnership. This person will have habit to cheat on their partner as Rahu gives dissatisfaction and obsession where it sits in. This is however a good position for business, reaching a mass audience and customers. It helps to get gains through partner if Rahu is in friendly sign or exalted or receiving good aspect of other planets otherwise it is always very bad position. Do not follow the crowd always depend o. Yourself. Crowd will misguide you.

Rahu in the 8th house

Rahu in the 8th house makes the person’s life very difficult and create many sudden changes in life. This is one of the worst position to have Rahu in. Rahu gives sudden accident, it could also lead to jail time if it is deblitated or receiving bad aspect from other planets. Most people in the medical field have Rahu in the 8th house as this is also house of hidden knowledge and death and rebirth. This placement gives a person to reason for his birth. He knows the all secret things why he has taken birth like Osho Rajneesh.

Rahu is influential in intensification of one’s power and converting even an enemy into a friend. Rahu is also benefic in nature.Rahu is regarded as similar to Saturn in its effect. Smoky blue is its color, instinctual and animalistic its nature. Rahu is interested only in achieving all that gives pleasure, and even if it achieves all it wants, it is never satisfied.Although Rahu rules no sign of the zodiac, the zodiacal sign Virgo is its exalted sign.Rahu represents the most profound mysteries and darkest secrets. All that is unknown to the normal people is represented by Rahu. That is why, even the things, subjects, creatures and people represented by Rahu.

Rahu in the 9th house

9th house Rahu is not a good position for it to be in, as this is the house of religion and tradition while Rahu goes against to all these things. Rahu either makes a person very religion, who usually leave their religious beliefs later on in life, or the person never believes in religion. It never gives very good results in 1st,4th,7th,5th,9th and 12th house. These people have some different idea about religion. They reject the rules.

Rahu in the 10th house

Rahu in the 10th house is the best position for Rahu to be in.Rahu gives worldly fame, strong will, and lots of wealth through career. Rahu in the 10th house however makes a person workaholic due to obsessive nature. If Mercury is sitting with Rahu then it nullifies that effect.If Saturn is strong and well placed, the native will be attractive and get everything including fame in life as 10th house original owner is Saturn.

Rahu in the 11th house

Rahu in the 11th house gives massive amount of wealth, especially during its Maha or antar Dasha. This Rahu gives story of rag to riches, a self-made millionaire. This position is positive in every aspect however is not good for having children.The native may have strained relations with father. He may also form habit of wasting money and trying to gain ideas for short cut earnings.

Rahu in the 12th house

Again Not a good position for Rahu in 12th house, as here it can make the native’s mind, house and aura haunted with spirits, black magic, and become a victim of tantra. He should be careful with such persons or relatives who are indulged in such practices. He should also adopt righteous and religious path. Even though Rahu here takes a person to foreign lands for permanent settlement, it also might put the native in trouble with the law.


Astrology, planets


Only Saturn is the planet who will give whatever he promising in your birth chart!!!! Saturn needs only performance then he will give good results. The house which is occupied by Saturn and own by Saturn will give sure results before your life ends. Saturn people dedicated to their work only and long last.

Day ruled: Saturday
Direction ruled: West
Colour: Blue
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: Two and a half year
Orbit time of the whole Zodiac: 30 Years
Nature: Sorrow & hardship
Constellations ruled: Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada
Friendly planets: Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Enemy planets: Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral planets: Jupiter
Own Sign (Rashi): Capricorn & Aquarius
Exalted in: Libra
Debilitated in: Aries
Special features: Hurdles, delay
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 19 years
If well placed signifies: Prosperity, Land, wealth, Good position, have many loyal servants
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance, pain in leg joints and poverty
Representation: Servants, Elder and old people
Body parts ruled: Legs
Diseases gave by Saturn: Problems in legs, lung diseases etc.

The position, sign, and nakshatra in which Saturn sits in your birth chart reveal secrets about how your life will be an area of wealth, education, family, and marriage. In the original form Saturn rules the 10th Capricorn and 11th Aquarius house, they are the houses of career and incoming gains. The liquid wealth is controlled by Saturn and Jupiter. So Saturn is a most important planet in the birth chart.


Saturn in the 1st house

These people body turns with the disciplines, they are dedicated to their work only. These people work for a very long time.Such native has to face nervousness and worries in life particularly when they are alone. Obstacles and delays are frequent in their lives. Education is also affected.Saturn delays marriage and also gives a bad relationship with a sibling. If Saturn is in a good sign and degree, it can give a solid career with its 10th house aspect.

Saturn in the 2nd house

Saturn in the 2nd house does not consider very good as whatever person will do for his family the family didn’t give him much importance immediately or family misinterpreted the native. They give the importance very later in life. These people tell a lie very quickly and they didn’t like to spend much so their money is used by others.There would be a delay in receiving convinces, home and luxurious items.Saturn in the second house brings a very strict and organized family environment where the native might feel trapped or may become a very disciplined individual themselves.

Saturn in the 3rd house

This is the worst place for Saturn. The reason is the Mars is the significator of the 3rd house which is the Saturn’s enemy. Saturn restricts the person to do new things or darings. It will block your luck and block good past deed results for certain time period. Father might be absent in the life of the native, might travel for long duration and the native would have a very distant relationship with his or her teacher till midlife.

Upon Shani’s birth story in ancient text, the sun god so eagerly looked at him only to be disappointed by Shani’s black color. He even doubted whether Shani was born to him and speak ill to Chhaya, the mother of the Shani. Shani’s first looks at his father drove the sun god to an eclipse period and he deemed this as a bad luck. Being angry at his father’s indifference, Shani cursed his father that he would also turn black in color which came true. So, right from his birth, there was a severe misunderstanding between sun god and Shani.
When Shani was in the womb of his mother, Chhaya Devi was worshipping Lord Shiva ardently. Therefore, Shani also developed devotion to Lord Shiva. When Shani was born and his father doubted his birth, Lord Shiva appeared before the sun god and clarified the reason why Shani was black. Then both the father and son developed a good understanding of each other. Pleased by Shani’s devotion, Shiva made him the god of justice to distribute the rewards and punishments for people’s actions. People fear in front of the shank because they ate not performing their deeds properly and want the good results in life.

Saturn in the 4th house

It’s a good position for Saturn as people not involved too much in the pleasure they always prefer to do their deeds as well.Saturn in the 4th house gives lots of family problems and restriction till alter age. Saturn usually delays wealth until the age of 35.Saturn also aspects the 10th house again, which means the native would be a very hard worker, disciplined and organized in their approach to work-life while at the same time Saturn’s aspect on the 1st house provides discipline and structure upon the native’s personality. But career might be delayed until early 30’s.

Saturn in the 5th house

This is a neutral place for Saturn.These natives having are very much sincere and responsible towards almost everything around but their habit of becoming exceedingly and unworthily tensed about something would be the main reason behind lack of peace of mind for them.This position delays both kids and marriage until early 40’s, or it may delay them until next life. Creativity is blocked since Saturn is sitting instead of accepting the 5th house. Saturn is slow moving planets and due to such reasons, kids come late in life.

Saturn in the 6th house

This is a favorable position for Saturn since in the 6th house it grows better with time just like the 3rd, 7th, 10th and 11th house. Here, Saturn will destroy all enemies of native, gives a favor to the superior and timely promotions. Lawyers usually have Saturn in the 6th 7th and 9th house. This position also gives long life. Saturn in the sixth house makes one organized, discipline and structured life.



Saturn in the 7th house

Saturn delays everything related 7th house like marriage , if it sits in enemy sign or with enemy planet. But if it sits with friendly planet then Saturn gives everything suddenly. The native should marry late with this placement, at least after 28th birthday. Saturn brings a lot of good things in life but with delay, this is why it’s never a good idea to rush into marriage when Saturn resides there.

Saturn in the 8th house

8th house Saturn delay your endings that means you have a long life.This placement can be good and bad depending upon the sign that Saturn occupies. Saturn in the 8th house stretch your life until all deeds perform, but makes one prone to black magic, spells etc. There could be hidden family secrets regarding grandparents. The native could be separated from his family or the native left home at an early age for their career. Saturn can delay the education of the native, delay children or give lot of responsibilty towards 5th house.

Saturn in the 9th house

Saturn will land you the place where you never thought to go there. It’s a good place to sit Saturn. Here the native would take great interest in writing long texts of religion, spirituality and philosophical thesis. Preaching through writing and serving through hands is seen with such placement, but in the real world it can show a lawyer or a judge.

Shani Shingnapur is the name of a village in Nevasa taluka in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra; the village is known for its popular temple of Lord Shani – Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur – the Hindu god associated with the planet Saturn.

A village where houses do not have doors, locks:Shani Shingnapur is globally known as the only village where houses do not have doors and locks, and the village remains theft-free. Even the nationalised UCO Bank’s branch in the village does not have locks on its doors. Belief has it that thieves cannot steal or burgle in the village which is protected by Lord Shani, and misfortune and divine punishment would befall anyone who attempts to steal.The unique open temple has no walls or roof; a self-emerged (svayambhu) five-foot-high black stone stands on a platform and is worshipped as Lord Shanidev. I visited there in 2014. It’s a very beautiful place.

Saturn in the 10th house

Your deeds will be recognize by people not your name because of Saturn in 10th house. Home environment is like workplace, the native seeks professionalism in his or her home tends to make every thing structured. This also shows someone who is a real estate agent or commercial builder. Saturn can delay marriage due to career and professional life, also the spouse of the native would also be very career oriented, and the native can meet their spouse at the work place.

Saturn in the 11th house

You will get time between one desire fulfillment and the other one ,whenever Saturn is in your 11th house. So its good to enjoy one by one instead of thinking another desire after fulfilling one.The native has lot of support through their professional network to rise in life. It can impact the native’s life for the better by giving gains all throughout life.

Saturn in the 12th house

This is the worst place for Saturn because these people will not follow any rules and regulations they violet their own principle. Such placement can also give depression due to lack of sound sleep. The native can also be a warden of jail type place.

Astrology, planets


In Astrology, Venus has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus. Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money. It represents wife for male. Venus also represents females in your life that you come across; pleasure from luxury.

All intangible pleasure like cash which always gives you fear about it, comes under Venus. Your luxary, black money and all pleasures which you can’t compare with material things comes under Venus. Wherever the Venus is placed in birth chart, the house only open when you start focusing on enjoyement related that house. Venus is significator of 4th house and 7th house. Wherever Venus is aspecting throwing his impact on that house. You will have some pleasure related to that house where venus is aspecting in birth chart.

Day: Friday

Direction: South-East
Colour: White
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 28 days
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 11 month
Nature: Loveable
Constellations ruled: Poorva Phalguni, Poorva Ashadh, Bharni
Friendly planets: Mercury, Saturn, Rahu
Enemy planets: Sun & Moon
Neutral planets: Mars & Jupiter
Own Sign : Taurus & Libra
Exalted in: Pisces
Debilitated in: Virgo
Special features: Fashion, pleasure
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 20 years
If well placed signifies: Beauty, Prosperity, wealth
If adversely placed signifies: Laziness, isolation, perverted habits
Representation: Wife
Diseases : Genital problems

Venus is exalted in 12th house because it is house of expenditure. By expending money you will get pleasure. It is debilitated in 6th house because diseases , debt and enemy take away all pleasure and 6th house is house of these things. Venus luck year is 25. Venus is significator of marriage as your pleasure power is now started slowing down so you need to join a partnership after 25 to get benefits from Venus. After marriage Venus is activated in birth chart. Mars and Venus combination is best in any birth chart. These people always looks young and energetic.


Venus in the 1st house

In the first house, Venus gives all comforts of life with a partner when it sits in the sing of cancer, Libra, Taurus, or Pisces as these are friendly, own and exalted signs for it. It also gives a glow to the person’s face as Venus gives beauty. Venus in the first house makes a person popular in females. You can not judge the correct age of the person having Venus in first house as they always look younger than their actual age.

Venus is the 2nd house

This is a very good place for Venus as Venus rules 2nd house as tarus in Kalpurush Kundali. This gives inherited wealth, comfort and luxurious life with a beautiful partner. Where these people need to be careful Often you might lack the willpower to pursue your decisions and in this regard might fall prey to other’s self-interests and misguidance. Any of your wicked tendencies towards others shall bring you misery and distress.

Venus in the 3rd house

When Venus is placed in the third house of the horoscope, the native will be wealthy and happy but will be a miser. Venus in the 3rd house gives love for fashion, media, and acting, but here the person takes his or her profession seriously. This placement also gives more female siblings than male as the 3rd house is the house of sibling.

Venus is the guru of the demons, he can raise the dead, with the help of the Sanjivini Vidya, who fall in battles with the Gods. He is immensely astute, and, a true Brahmana, he is an expert in every form of learning. Venus has a medium-sized well-nourished body, long hands, prominent shoulders, a broad chest, and dark, short, curly hair. Overflowing with virility, he is intelligent. Venus is the son of the sage Bhrigu and his wife Puloma. Bhrigu was the father of Jupiter which means that Venus and Jupiter, two implacable adversaries, are first cousins.

Venus in the 4th house

This is one of the best positions for Venus, as not only Venus gives cars, houses, and lots of assets, it also gives peace in the home environment, even if the family was destructive before, however, after the child with this placement is born in the family, it creates a new kind of harmony. In this house, Venus gains directional strength. The presence of planet Venus in 4th house makes the person true believer of peace for which the native will keep the peace high at home besides which he would lead a life with a balanced composure of mind.

Venus in the 5th house

In the 5th house, Venus gives supreme talent in the arts, cinema, music, and writing. People with this placement usually become a superstar of their industry, whether it’s fashion, movies, music or art. Venus in this house will only let the native work in a creative field, or keep their mind occupied on the creative side of life. This is also the best place for experiencing romance all throughout life, even after marriage your wife or husband will be your newly found mate every morning.

Venus in the 6th house

Venus in the 6th house gives love for animals and again makes the native work in a creative field or finance, since Venus also rules the sign of Taurus, which is all about money and finance. These folks might also be working at banks, brokerage firm, animal shelter, or even fashion and photography since 6th house rules everyday life. But Venus in the sixth house of a horoscope can make a person opponent and his spouse will be lucky for him.


Venus in the 7th house

This is a very good placement for Venus, here it will give a very beautiful spouse to the male native.The natives of this placement of Venus in 7th house give immense significance to their relationships as they are the only way to attain mental peace & happiness for them for which they are truly devoted in their relationships and are deeply warm & affectionate to their closed ones. This person can also become a jeweler, or works as a financial advisor to others. It makes person so many expectations with partner.

Venus in the 8th house

Venus gives lots of wealth through the family of wife; it makes the native lord of some institution, and gives easy loans from banks and family.The 8th House is a deeply private house. Someone with Venus here can keep their hobbies, activities and relationships rather private, preferring to pick and choose who is “worth” knowing. The 8th House tends to focus on the immaterial, the moral and personal worth.

Venus in the 9th house

This is not a good placement for Venus at all most of the time. Here Venus is forced to live by the virtue of law, religion and spirituality, where Venus is all about material gains and love. The natives of this placement of Venus in 9th house are born with a philosophical and spiritual blend in their personality. They are also proficient in languages and cultures for being curious about them. Since Venus is a bit irritated in the 9th house, people with this placement marry someone outside of their culture or religion.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the third brightest object in Earth’s sky after the Sun and Moon. It is sometimes referred to as the sister planet to Earth, because their size and mass are so similar. Venus is also the closest planet to Earth. The surface of Venus is hidden by an opaque layer of clouds which are formed from sulphuric acid.The planet is named for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the second largest terrestrial planet.

Venus in the 10th house

Most of the time this placement is for finance career, where the native will be dealing more with females than males. The only time this can have a creative impact on the career if Venus is sitting under the sign of Libra, Leo or Gemini.Venus in 10th house would bestow the person with an adorable and admirable place in work & social arena for his/her professional and personality attributes.The natives born with this placement of Venus in the 10th house are perceived to be sincere at their work place as they will give their best to achieve & accomplish all the ends with their best efforts.

Venus in the 11th house

This is a one of very good placement for Venus since Venus in the 11th house is all about gains of material wealth. Native with this placement will always have easy gains in their life, gains from liquid wealth, assets, property, vehicles, etc.They will be efficient enough to maintain strong social relationships and they will be truly benefited from friends and social relationships around.

Venus in the 12th house

Venus in 12th house gives rise to a spiritual leaders, writers, and physiologist who want to help people. Venus in the 12th house gives birth to someone who loves people more than material things. They won’t get the worth of their affection, trueness and sacrifices in relationships. These people could fall in love with wrong people. They are emotional & sensitive but are mentally strong to keep a balance in between. This particular Venus makes the person so spiritual that they tend to love everyone equally, and love not just one individual but the whole world like mother Teresa.

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Jupiter is known to be the most generous of all planets as it expands without expectations. It’s placement in a chart defines the spiritual views, bent of mind, kind of faith and religion and materialistic standing of a person.Jupiter is wisdom and the type of teachers you run into in your life. Jupiter controls the wealth of wisdom and opportunity, and how much wealth you make out of that opportunity.

Day: Thursday
Colour: Yellow
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 13 months
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 12 years
Nature: Knowledge, Wisdom
Constellations ruled: Punarvasu, Vishakha, Poorva Bhadrpada
Friendly planets: Sun, Moon, Mars
Enemy planets: Mercury & Venus
Neutral planets: Saturn & Rahu
Own Sign : Sagittarius & Pisces
Exalted in: Cancer
Debilitated in: Capricorn
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 16 years
If well placed signifies: Wisdom, Son, Prosperity
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance
Representation: Teacher & Elder wise people
Body parts ruled: Liver, Large intestine etc
Diseases given by Jupitor: Jaundice, Inflammation, Ear problems etc.

Jupiter represents the gradually expansion in your life. Your Jupiter sign reveals what you have to teach and to whom. Jupiter is the only planet which affect 11 houses in kundali as jupiter rules two houses,one house he sits insignificator of 2nd,5th,7th,9th,11th house and aspect three houses. Where Jupiter rulership houses in kundali they gradually expanded with time. In 2nd house when baby born everyone got a new relation with baby. Relationships expanded this signifies by Jupiter. 5th house is the house of higher education signifies by Jupiter. Not everyone is going for higher education this is seen by Jupiter’s position in north chart. Unconditional Love like cosmic love or love by heart is also seen by 5th house its gradually increases. Material love is seen by 7th house. If public life is good then personal life is not and if personal is very good then public life is not so good. At one time only one result is given by the planet. In 9th house slowly slowly the luck and spirituality will start. 11th house is fulfillment of expectations, friends and gain which increase gradually slowly slowly also signifies by Jupiter. Placement of Jupiter in 2nd and 11th house is very good and for fulfillment of desires. 5th house Jupiter is not consider very good for fulfilment of desire but good for unexpected gains.


Jupiter in the 1st house

First house Jupiter gives very good health, a good spouse, and higher education everything a person wants in his life as Jupiter controls many houses almost 11 houses out of 12. This also gives a big family. These people are also very religious and follow the law of culture. These people have wealth of knowledge, which means a Ph.D. isn’t always a millionaire but is respected like one.

Jupiter in the 2nd house

Jupiter in the second house gives a very business minded person with very good speaking ability. This person will become a writer, public speaker or teacher. Jupiter is the significator of the 2nd house, and sitting in its own place may cause some problem.

Jupiter in the 3rd house

These people have a good relationship with siblings, the person may also receive benefits from siblings. The spouse of the native is very supportive as Jupiter is the significator of 7th house and seeing on the 7th house from 3rd house. Third house Jupiter gives writing ability and a very high philosophical mind as 3rd house represents hands and subconscious mind.

Jupiter or Brihaspati was one of the eight sons of Angiras, the son of Brahma and Shraddha. After receiving initial knowledge from his father, Jupiter left his home in the quest for spiritual knowledge and meditated for thousands of years, he earned a place as guru or teacher to the demigods. His work was to guide rest of god.

Jupiter in the 4th house

Jupiter in the 4th house is one of the best positions for Jupiter. In the fourth house in kalapurusha a kundali, it is exalted. This gives an on-time marriage, a lovely upbringing environment in a family of the native.


Jupiter in the 5th house

Jupiter brings a lot of luck and wealth to the person when it is in 5th house. This is the best position for a financial analyst or accountant. This person may have a creative mind. This can damage the education of a person, or give delayed education. When Jupiter is sitting with Rahu then Jupiter act as functional malefic for an ascendant.

Jupiter in the 6th house

Jupiter in the sixth house gives victory over enemies as a person uses his wisdom to defeat the enemies, gains from friends, lots of wealth. However, this placement can also cause a lot of debt and health problem as 6th house is a house of debt and small time period illness.

Jupiter in the 7th house

this position also could make the native a lawyer or a post in political position.These people having Guru in the seventh house would be liked by many around and would keep people bound to them for long. Jupiter in the 7th house doesn’t necessarily give an early marriage or a good spouse. These people could also be over-optimistic and sweet in their relationships which at times could become a reason of their own sufferings.

Jupiter in the 8th house

Jupiter in the 8th house makes a person a healer. These person having a long life, a strong desire to rise up in life. The presence of Jupiter in 8th house could lead the person towards a quiet complex path of life and could bring them some difficulties but it also provides a vision to see the path for emerging safely. However, this position also gives the native a very weak posture. This person is always dealing with some health problem or doesn’t have a healthy weight.

Jupiter in the 9th house

This house Jupiter gives a person with lots of luck, a wealthy family, and a very good education. The natives of this placement of Jupiter in the ninth house are born with a special blend of philosophical shades in their approach besides which they would be found sharing knowledge and opinions around for most of the times. Usually, people with Jupiter in the 9th house have excessive weight. But, this is the very good position for health and status in society. The malefic placement of Jupiter or Guru would discard the native form the positive impacts of Guru and would lead him/her against spirituality.

Jupiter is called a gas giant planet. Its atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen gas and helium gas, like the sun. The planet is covered in thick red, brown, yellow and white clouds. The clouds make the planet look like it has stripes. One of Jupiter’s most famous features is the Great Red Spot. It is a giant spinning storm, resembling a hurricane. At its widest point, the storm is about 3 1/2 times the diameter of Earth. Jupiter is very windy. Winds range from 192 mph to more than 400 mph.Jupiter has three thin rings that are difficult to see. NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft discovered the rings in 1979. Jupiter’s rings are made up mostly of tiny dust particles.

Jupiter in the 10th house

Jupiter makes a person is forced to work in a place where people not only are forced to use their mind and their body too in the workplace. Jupiter placed with Rahu or Ketu in this house creates a lot of hurdles in the workplace. This placement is not very good as Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. Strong Jupiter in this house gives chances to rise high in the field of law. The native may become a Magistrate or Judge.

Jupiter in the 11th house

This is one of the best positions for Jupiter. In this house, Jupiter can make a person a multi-millionaire, or billionaire, since Jupiter loves to expand. The natives of this placement of Jupiter in 11th house would be truly humanitarian & generous in the social arena and would carry a mature & wiser approach towards them for which they would develop true & strong relationships around in the social arena. Jupiter gives a lot of wealth to the native in 11th house. In this position, most people are their own boss or work independently as a consultant.

Jupiter in the 12th house

This position is one of the best for a spiritual person who doesn’t care for material things. This position also damaged the logical mind of a person, who may be forced to live in a logical world where they need to have street smartness, and Jupiter in the 12th house gives a very dreamy nature to a person. This position of Jupiter also gives constipation problem and stomach problem with this position. Jupiter in twelfth house of horoscope mostly gives bad results, such person will very expensive, some time native spends out of range due to his ego and for her, she may have to take loans as well.